Handmade Loom Potholders by "Uncle Genie"


Uncle Genie is Karen's beloved Uncle-in-Law.  This special needs Senior cutie loves being active and he's quite a jokester too.  He is always game to dress up for the holidays, he loves to go bowling, paint ceramics and enjoys crafting.

Covid has limited his activies and he has been busy creating these beautiful potholders. All proceeds from the sale of Uncle Genie's potholders will go to him so he can purchase more materials, keep his fingers nimble and enjoy more activities.

Dimensions:  Each potholder is approximately 5 1/2" x 5 1/2"

Over 100 to choose from in a variety of colors! 

Large potholders are made with cotton and small potholders are polyester.

We are overwhelmed by the response and can't thank you enough for supporting Uncle Genie's passion for crafting and activities.  

Use the NOTES field to tell us what colors you would like or choose local pick-up and choose your own when you stop by to pick up your order.