Here's a list of answers to your common paint and furniture questions!


1) Are color swatches on product listings accurate?  We like to say that digital color swatches are a nice guide but they are far from 100% accurate.  If you're local in Northeast, Ohio we recommend stopping in our store to see our painted samples.  If you aren't local, one great tip is to do a "Google" search for the color, look at "images" in the results to see examples of projects and pieces painted in that color.

2) Do you carry all Wise Owl paint colors?  Yes! In the Chalk Synthesis Paint and Enamel paint, we sure do.  Of course there's a chance that we sell out of a color on occasion but we try to carry at least one pint/quart of each color at all times. If you're traveling to our store for paint, you can always call us to make sure we have your color in stock.

3) How do I know if want to use Chalk Synthesis Paint or Enamel paint for my project? This one can be a little tricky to answer, but we'll do our best...

If you want to distress the paint and blend colors, then Chalk Synthesis is the way to go.  You'll have to seal with Wise Owl's wax, varnish or One Hour Enamel clear coat. 

If you want a self-leveling paint in a satin finish that's very durable then Enamel is your choice.  The enamel paint is also our recommendation for cabinet and door projects.  You'll have to prime first.

4) Do I have to use Wise Owl primer?  If you choose Wise Owl's Enamel paint, we highly recommend it, but if you choose to use another primer be sure to use a water based product (not oil based).

5) Do you sell Gallons?  We carry pints of the Chalk Synthesis Paint and Quarts of the Enamel and Primer.  If you'd like to order gallons for large furniture or kitchen projects, contact us and we can order that for you.

6) What paint brushes do you recommend?  We are big fans of Cling-On brushes for paint and Wise Owl's Premium brushes for the Salve and Wax.  We carry a variety of each both online and in our store.

7) Do you teach in-person workshops?  We aren't teaching in-person at this time but we are more than happy to answer your questions and walk you through the steps for your project.

8) What is the Furniture Salve for?  The Salve does an incredible job of giving dried wood furniture a new life, or giving musty drawers a fresh smell and it's also great on leather! We don't carry all of the scents but we do carry most of them.

9) Can I paint metal hardware with Wise Owl's Heavy Metals paint?  You sure can. We do it all the time and LOVE it! Just clean the hardware, no primer needed.

10) What are the different finishes and how can I see them?  In order of strength: Wax, Varnish and One Hour Enamel Clear Coat.

  • Wax has a very matte finish
  • Varnish comes in both Matte and Satin,
  • OHE Clear Coat comes in Matte, Satin and Semi-Gloss.
We have samples of each of the different finishes in our store for you to look at. Once our customers see the samples, they can usually quickly identify which they prefer.


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If your question hasn't been answered please contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.