Serious Lip Balm

Lula's Donut:
Lula the Bulldog was the best customer service representative we could have ever wanted - as long as you let her sit in the front seat and shared your popcorn, she responded to ALL of the customer questions in a timely manner. Sadly, we lost Luckey's beloved Lula over the summer so we decided to immortalize her forever with her own donut scented lip balm, inspired by her favorite stuffed toy. With each balm purchased, donations will be made to a local bulldog rescue!

Betty White:
Would the world have been as beautiful if the comedic icon Betty White did not exist? WOULD THE GOLDEN GIRLS HAVE BEEN AS GOLDEN WITHOUT ROSE NYLUND? These are the questions we must ask ourselves. What better way to celebrate the amazing human that was Betty White than by making a CHEESECAKE SCENTED lip balm in her image. CHEESECAKE... because didn't Blanche, Rose, Sophia and Dorothy fix ALL of the worlds' problems over CHEESECAKE?

F* Winter:
Look, the topic of winter is a bit controversial. Some of us love it, some of us... well, we aren't fans. For those who aren't particularly fond of cooler temps and shorter days, we've got you covered with our new vanilla mint "F*CK WINTER" lip balms!

Each lip balm is scented, not flavored, with natural oils and glides onto your lips without being sticky or greasy. Our balms soak right in to heal and protect your lips so you're ready for whatever comes your way